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Who & What is the AFMLTA?

The Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA Inc.) is the national professional body representing teachers of all languages in Australia.
The term ‘modern’ is used for historical reasons and is not intended to exclude any language. The AFMLTA believes that there is value in all language learning and is accordingly interested in promoting the teaching and learning of any language (ancient, modern, ‘community’, Aboriginal, traditional, international, European, Asian or other).

Role and Functions

The role of the AFMLTA is to promote language learning in Australia. This role will be realised through the following functions of the AFMLTA.
  • To provide a national voice on language learning and language teaching
  • To compile and distribute information on languages, language learning and language teaching
  • To develop the professional consciousness of language teachers

Main Activities

  • Provides professional leadership and advisory services at the national level
  • Tries to influence decisions made at the national level by lobbying, advising, and preparing submissions to politicians, committees of inquiry, government departments, industry and commerce, and wherever else appropriate
  • Encourages the professional development of language teachers through national conferences and workshops, especially the Biennial National Languages Conference
  • Publishes the national language teaching journal Babel .

State Language Teaching Associations

All Australian states have a language teacher association under the umbrella of the AFMLTA. Membership of any one of them includes the benefits of the Australian body. Other associations may affiliate with the AFMLTA under conditions outlined in the constitution.

International Affiliation

The AFMLTA is affiliated with the internationally recognised language teaching association, the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes (FIPLV) and actively particpates in its work.
The AFMLTA also has strong associations with the New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT).



News In Brief Vol. 10 No. 1

The regular newsletter of the AFMLTA is now available. Check to see what has been happening in languages in Australia.


2010 Global Language Convention, Melbourne

This event is in Australia for the first time. SPECIAL OFFER FOR SCHOOLS/ORGANISATIONS! 

Babel Out now - February 2010

The latest edition of the Federation's journal, Babel, is out now. For more details see the Journal page.

Submission to Victorian Government

Read the AFMLTA's response to the Victorian Languages Strategy Discussion Paper.

Australian Awards for Teaching Excellence - 2009 Award Winners

The Minister for Education, the Hon Julia Gillard, recently announced winners of the Australian Awards for Teaching Excellence at a ceremony in the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra. Special congratulations to the 2 language teachers who received these prestigious awards - Melissa Gould-Drakeley and Christiane Conesa-Bostock. For more details please see the Teaching Australia website.